My BAD experience with

I had some domains registered at

1 domain was taken from my account after about 3 month, and was pointed to random advertisement sites.

Another domain was removed from my account after about 7 month and is now for sale at It was not heavily used (about 5 hits a day)

If you your domain is not used many times, then you will be lucky to keep it for 1 year. But don’t forget to renew your domain in the last 2 weeks before expiring or you will loose your domain.

So it looks like only gives out free domains for a short period of time.

I will move the remaining domains I have with them to my own domain where I will create a a few more sub-domains.


Not all pins of the ESP32 can be used.

Below a list of all special pins of the ESP32

  1. The application can use ADC2 only when Wi-Fi driver is not ESP32 HW-607started, since the ADC is also used by the Wi-Fi driver, which has higher priority.  GPIOs 0, 2, 4, 12 – 15 and 25 – 27
  2. Some of the ADC2 pins are used as strapping pins (GPIO 0, 2, 15), so they cannot be used freely. For examples, for official Develop Kits:
  3. ESP32 Core Board V2 / ESP32 DevKitC: GPIO 0 cannot be used due to external auto program circuits.
  4. ESP-WROVER-KIT V3: GPIO 0, 2, 4 and 15 cannot be used due to external connections for different purposes.
  5.  The hall sensor is internal to ESP32, reading from it uses channels 0 and 3 of ADC1 (GPIO 36 and 39). Do not connect anything else to these pins and do not change their configuration. Otherwise it may affect the measurement of low value signal from the sensor.
  6. Pins 34-39 are input only