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Internet Radio with an Orange PI Zero

I had build an Internet Radio with an ESP32 and a VS1051 MP3 decoder, but I was not happy with the sound quality. So I am now trying it with a Orange PI Zero board and an USB DAC.

USB Sound DAC for Internet Radio

Currently I have an USB headphone connected to the PI, but I have ordered a Lusya SA9023A + ES9018K2M USB Portable DAC HIFI External Audio Card Decoder from Aliexpress.

On the Orange PI Zero I installed MPD and MPC for the sound deamon and the controller.

apt install mpd mpc

I also installed apache2 and php to run the web based front end from.

apt install apache2 php
Orange PI Zero

The Orange PI Zero is an Older SOC with WiFi and an USB port, just the things you need for this project. You can buy it for around 18 Euro from Aliexpress.

Plug  your USB DAC in the Orange PI Zero and check the card id.

aplay -l
**** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices ****
card 1: Headset [Logitech USB Headset], device 0: USB Audio [USB Audio]
Subdevices: 0/1
Subdevice #0: subdevice #0

Here it shows that your hardware card ID = 1.
Use this number to edit /etc/mpd.conf and scroll down to the audio_output section. Here you can change the line with device from hw:0,0 to the below :

audio_output {
type "alsa"
name "My ALSA Device"
device "hw:1,0"

After making changes to mpd.conf you will need to restart mpd

service mpd stop
service mpd start

To add Internet Radio station use the following command:

mpc add

You can add as many stations you want with the above command.

mpc -f "%file%" playlist

To list all the radio stations you added with the mpc add command.

For the web frontend I combined two setups into my setup.
The two sources are:

I added below radio stations with mpc

mpc add #1 NAXI LOVE RADIO
mpc add #2 Easy Hits Florida
mpc add #3 Radio 10
mpc add #4 Magic Oldies Florida
mpc add #5 Qmusic Pop
mpc add #6 Veronica Pop Nonstop
mpc add #7 Radio 1, NL
mpc add #8 Sky Radio
mpc add #9 Veronica Top 1000
mpc add #10 538 Hitzone
mpc add #11 538 Non Stop
mpc add #12 538 Party
mpc add #13 538 Verr├╝ckte Stunde
mpc add #14 Radio Noord Holland
mpc add #15 Reggae 1
mpc add #16 Reggae 2
mpc add #17 Reggea 3
mpc add #18 Reggae 4
mpc add #19 Reggae 5
mpc add #20 Reggae 6
mpc add #21 Reggae 7
mpc add #22 Oldies
mpc add #23 Candlelight
mpc add #24 Radio 10 60' 70' Hits
mpc add #25 Radio 10 80' Hits
mpc add #26 Radio 10 90' Hits
mpc add #27 Classic Hits
mpc add #28 JUKE Nederpop
mpc add #29 Juke Cafe Genee Nederlands Muziek
mpc add #30 Juke Levenslied Nederlands
mpc add #31 Juke Zomer Lounge
mpc add #32 greatest hits a la Joe
mpc add #33 Cabaret
mpc add #34 Deutsche Hits
mpc add #35 Hit Radio FFH
mpc add #36 Radio Paloma Deutch
mpc add #37 Wunschradio FM
mpc add #38 Antenne Niedersachsen Deutsch
mpc add #39 BB Radio
mpc add #40 Neue Welle
mpc add #41 Radio Brocken
mpc add #42 Radio Paloma Kultschlager
mpc add #43 Concertzender Klassieke Muziek
mpc add #44 Classic FM

Download here the radio.css file for the web frontend

ZIP file with radio.css file

And here the actual web page index.php

ZIP file with index.php file

Unzip the above two files  and put them in your apache web directory.